A Realtor’s Best Social Media Resource!

I have been complimented on my social media presence many times.  People often ask me how much time I spend making the 4 to 6 daily postings I make on my LinkedIn page, personal and business Facebook pages and other media.  But you might be shocked if you knew that I spent no more than 5 minutes a week on that task!  And it is all because of my work with Sarah Cole, the best social media expert I know.

Sarah focuses her business on working to create a social media presence for Realtors, something many know nothing about — but you just have to if you’re going to be competitive in today’s marketplace.

Sarah lives in New York State, and I live in Wisconsin, but we easily accomplished everything we have in place now over the internet.  Sarah took the time to find out exactly what I wanted to deliver in my social media presence and then structured an entire program around that.  The cost was VERY affordable.  Sarah will monitor things for you on an ongoing basis, if you want to hire her for that, too.  In my case, I have a virtual assistant, and Sarah taught her how our system works, including a program that allows us to load all of our content a week ahead of time!

So where does my 5 minutes come in?  I get that content for all the sites from my VA a week before it’s posted.  I quickly scan through the items and tell her if it is all good or if an item or two needs to be replaced.  That’s it — 5 minutes to being a social media expert!

If you’re a Realtor, you wear so many hats.  Even if social media is your thing, you still have lots of other things you need to focus on.  Sarah Cole can give you an amazing social media presence at an affordable price, and even do things long term to keep you cutting edge in your market.  I highly, highly, highly recommend Sarah for any and all of the help you may need to create a presence on social media and compete in that market.  Here is her contact info: 2497 State Route 80, Lafayette, NY 13084, 315-238-7068, sarahcolevaondemand@gmail.com.

And please feel most welcome to email me if you have any questions about Sarah and what she does at randy@randylenz.com.

Randy Lenz, Broker Associate, Realty Executives, Madison, WI