Facebook is a MUST when it comes to planning where you should be. It is still the #1 platform as far as internet traffic. Agents are being told that they must have a presence on Facebook. Let me make that happen for you as Facebook is my playground and I know how to use it to provide value to your business.


Other platform content tweeted out with relevant hashtags and author tagging.  Finding local people to engage with and follow to make sure your brand is what they see on a regular basis so that you are the person they call or refer business to.


Professional and tailored content to make you stand out to the people looking for your services.  LinkedIn is one of the first places that comes up in a google search.  It is pretty much always first page and if your clients are professionals it is often a platform they utilize when researching someone.


Instagram is a real-time platform meaning the majority of posts are usually not scheduled. Visual posts and not content.  This is a very creative platform which draws a younger crowd, but that demographic is changing as more and more people join.  A great platform to participate with.


Pinterest requires strategy and I provide that strategy as well as consistency and follow through.  I will get you in front of the local crowd.


There have been rumors of Google+ disappearing, but so far it has hung in.  I like Google+ because it is a Google product AND it offers the business listing which appears when one searches for you.

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