When you’re ready to expand your business enough to include a Social Media Marketing Professional. This covers EVERYTHING you would need for online marketing purposes. It’s not enough to build a profile and wait. You need consistency, branding, your voice and a strategy.

Here’s a generalized list of services I offer –

  • Create and design high-quality digital marketing content for promotions.
  • Review keywords and strategize on how to capture each section of the buying funnel with a defined and written out plan.
  • Set up an ad campaign through Adwerx with an approved and prepaid budget by client.
  • Create branded materials for social media accounts.
  • Create and distribute a monthly or weekly e-newsletter, depending on client’s needs.
  • Identify and recommend implementation of digital and/or social media tools as needed.
  • When needed educate internal and external staff on the implementation of new technologies via GoToMeeting.
  • Stay current with all social media industry and best practices.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

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