You know what you need to do, but having the time to do it is the problem. These below real estate marketing services that I offer might be the solution. Let me know. Is there something you need that’s not on the list? I want to know.

  1. Visual Posts – Quotes, open houses, announcements, new properties, testimonials or whatever you want to be put into a visual presentation for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and/or Twitter. Two for $50 and a discount if more are ordered. Two minimum. Portfolio
  2. Customized Videos – You need a video that really pops. Gone are the days you can just use your brokerage’s standard video software. People won’t pay attention. I can give you a video that will gain their attention. Price dependent upon the scope of the project. $45 for 1 minute or under (good for Instagram) and $75  for over 1 minute but not to exceed 3 minutes (good for FB.) 2 minute video example and 1 minute video example
  3. Customized Listing Page With Video – I can create a listing page for you with a custom virtual tour. Price dependent upon the scope of the project. $50 or 2 for $75. Example to view.
  4. Targeted Facebook ads – Great for open houses, new listings, events, price adjustments and more. Price $45 plus whatever you want to pay for the ad.
  5. 30 Days Temporary Management of Facebook Business Page – If I have an opening and it doesn’t conflict with a current client (ie you’re not in the same farm area) then I can manage your Facebook Business Page for 30 days. This may get you through the times when you are busy with your open houses, showing buyers homes and/or conferences. This includes posts Monday – Friday 1x a day with engagement and I’ll throw in some customized posts as well.  $150 for temporary fill-in. (1-mth only.)
  6. Total Social Media Platform Package Done For You – If you just don’t have the time or desire to work on your platforms then delegate the entire job to me, your marketing coordinator. I will manage all of your platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ starting at $550 a month or you can pick and choose the platforms you most want to be on. Add Pinterest and Instagram for another $150 a month. This is a position which requires 30-day cancellation.
  7. Weekly Market Reports – Your or your office assistant provides either the reports or access to the marketing stats and I’ll create the graphs and/or visuals. Price depending on details needed – One quick example of a graph I’ve done.
  8. Quarterly Market Reports –  Access to the stats provided by you or reports emailed to me and I’ll put them into graph and blog format. $250 per quarter – Example of a recent quarterly report I created.
  9. Social Media Consulting – I will work with you in order to assist you with your social media goals. $150 an hour

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