Sarah Cole is the owner and founder of Cole Connect Marketing. Sarah first began her marketing career back in 2010 and since that time she has grown her business to the point of having added many different services as well as expanding her niche to include small business to medium business owners. Having started with the real estate industry it was only natural to expand as her experience grew. She now works with home builders, inspectors, stagers, business coaches, authors and more. Her team is dynamic in the way they are able to work together with the client and formulate a strategy that best meets the client’s goals.

Also, in 2017, Sarah decided to continue her education and obtain a marketing certification. Sarah Cole is now a certified digital marketer with the skills necessary to make a direct impact on the businesses of the clients who choose to work with her.

Certified Digital Marketer












THE Advantages Of Working With Me

Your Online Reputation.

I take your online reputation very seriously and will strive to put content out there that fits you, your market and your brand. It will be hand picked with full respect to you and the platform we are posting on.   Sure you can hire anyone to do this, but not everyone will take this job seriously and you stand to lose everything if your reputation is tarnished.  I appreciate that and am grateful to those who trust me with the honor of becoming their social media director.

Turnaround time.

As I said, I only work with a few number of select clients and so my turnaround time is quick.  If you send me a listing you want promoted then that listing is promoted within the same day.  If I go on vacation then you still have consistent content flowing as it will be scheduled for that period and you will no beforehand that listings must be forwarded to me before I leave.  Otherwise I leave detailed instructions to office assistants on how to handle it.

Types of Delegation.

You can be hands on if you need to or hands off.  I have some clients who appreciate the fact that they don’t have to micromanage me while others feel more comfortable co-piloting with me.  I’m good with whichever form of delegation works for you, your team or your company.